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We are number one migration service provider in Sri Lanka. You have arrived at the ideal location if you are looking beyond the horizon and hoping to realize your aspirations in another country. We manage the entire visa application and procurement procedure while advising and helping you with your migration. Currently, we provide services for immigration and student visas to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.

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Why Are We Unique?

  • We are accredited by MARA - Migration registration Authority.

  • We are accredited by IAAA - New Zealand Immigration Advisers authority.

  • We are accredited by PIER - Qualified Education Agent Councelors.

  • Professional Immigration Advice and Guidance Provided by Licensed Immigration Lawyers.

  • Conduct ERC course (Employment Readiness Course) for our Applicants.

  • Provide Settlement Services.

  • Total Resettlement Solutions under one roof.

  • Career counselling using up-to-date information to identify the most suitable for country / location / profession / know how to be successful in your migration program and career growth.

Plannig For The Future

Give your aspirations flight by traveling to study or work overseas.

Pathe Visa Global is considered Migration Services and Student visa Provider in Sri Lanka. We have been a constant in providing global migration and education services to countries like Canada, Australia, UK and USA.

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Getting a visa

We make the visa process faster

  • Our migration company offers fast visa processing services.

  • Our experienced immigration professionals expedite the visa application process.

  • We work closely with immigration authorities to ensure a smooth and speedy process.

  • With our streamlined visa application process you can expect timely results.

  • Trust us for fast reliable and efficient visa processing services.

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We love our clients

Thousands of people choose our services

Our migration company has a policy of no hidden costs. We provide a clear and concise breakdown of all fees associated with your migration process, ensuring transparency and no unexpected costs.

Trust us to make your migration journey stress-free and straightforward.

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Professional Advisors

Get guarantee success with our advisors

  • Our migration company offers expert advisory services to ensure the success of your migration journey.

  • Our team of experienced advisors has a deep understanding of the migration process and can provide tailored advice to suit your unique needs.

  • With our guidance you can navigate the complexities of the migration process with confidence knowing that you have the best chance of success.

Thousands Of People Choose Our Services


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A thrilled client is the main goal and motivation behind every successful company !As a professional migration agent, nothing is better than hearing that we’ve accomplished a client’s migration dream just as they imagined.
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